Oshawa Washer Repair Services

Washer repair service

Repair your washer in Oshawa with a certified company

When you need washer repair in Oshawa, Max Appliance Repair has a team of outstanding washer repair specialists ready to provide you with quick and reliable washer repair in your area. Appliances can be diagnosed, troubleshooted and repaired within a matter of days.

Call us at (289) 768-9255 to find out more about our appliance repair services.

Why Choose Us For Your Washer Repair:

  • Experienced and qualified technicians can fix all major household appliances.
  • Each appliance model is handled carefully by our team.
  • Repairs at an affordable price are our priority with 100% customer satisfaction.

With our expertise, we provide the best washer repair services to our customers. Our certified technicians have a keen attention to detail and offer fast, efficient service. Contact our team today and have your appliance running at its best in no time.

Family Owned Appliance Repair Company

Washing machine repair

Max Appliance Repair places a high value on comfort and affordability. Due to our family-owned business’ commitment to providing the best service to every customer, we understand how important it is for you and your family to have appliances that work for you and your family, which is why we make sure every job gets the attention and care it deserves.

Fast Washer Repairs

Our washer repair experts at Max Appliance Repair Oshawa are here to assist you with your laundry needs as quickly and efficiently as possible, so there are no trips to the laundromat or hand-washing required. Our team can assist you in fixing your washer issues so you can return to business as soon as possible.

Trained Technicians You Can Trust

For the most effective long-term performance of your washer in terms of its operation and functionality, you are liable to need regular repairs. Our company provides superior quality work and fast repair services for every customer, and we always treat every appliance with the utmost respect, attention to detail, and care.

Most Common Washer Problems

Washing machine board repair

A broken washing machine is a frustrating experience, especially when the appliance is a convenience that a lot of people depend on. Many of the features that modern washing machines have can cause problems including overheating.

  • The electronic part of your appliance. In some cases it’s a small part that needs to be replaced and, in other cases, some more significant parts need changing.
  • Pump problems can prevent water from entering or leaving your washer, and this could mean that you’ll need to get some buckets ready while you wait for the technician.
  • The motor on any washer works particularly hard during every wash cycle and wear and tear in this area can also cause parts to break.
  • You will usually notice a strange noise or your washer will fail to turn if there is a faulty belt or motor.
  • Your washer is not turning on
  • Your washer won’t spin during a cycle
  • The washer fails to drain
  • Your washer is leaking water
  • Your unit’s water level is low
  • Washer is vibrating
  • Washer won’t run
  • Washer stops mid-cycle
  • Washer smells bad

Our local appliance repair technicians can handle whatever washer problem you have.

For brand authorized washer repair in Oshawa and its surrounding areas, (289) 768-9255

Washer Brands We Repair

We have a team of appliance repair technicians who are capable of resolving any washer problem you may come across. As a company, we are dedicated to providing fast, reliable service regardless of what brand or model you own. We repair the following brands of appliances. If your appliance is malfunctioning, whether it is a belt or motor problem, we can fix it quickly.

Appliance Brands We Repair in Oshawa

Fast & Reliable Repair Appliances All Across Oshawa

Our same day service all across Oshawa means that you don’t need to deal with long wait times or high prices.

Washer Repair Questions

Washer repairs often come with several questions. So, if your washer breaks and you’re not sure what to do or what to expect, here are some common questions and answers.

What should I do before calling a repair technician?

When you notice a problem with your washer, the first thing you should do is check your power and water supply. If you don’t have any power or if your water is shut off, it can prevent your washer from working at all. If none of these possibilities are to blame, it’s time to call your technician.

How long until my washer is fixed?

We understand that you need your washer sooner rather than later. This is why we offer same day washer repairs throughout Oshawa and the surrounding areas. We also come prepared with tools and parts to perform repairs on the spot.

Who should repair my washer?

The first thing to remember is that it’s never advisable to attempt repairs yourself. The DIY approach can take more time and even result in additional damage. It’s best to hire a professional with the appropriate qualifications and experience.

At what point should I call for washer repair?

If after you have ensured your washer is clean, plugged in properly and no hoses are being obstructed, you should call for washer repair. We offer fast and efficient service that you can rely on.

Are you technicians licensed?

We make sure that every technician that works for us is both licensed and certified so you can trust them to handle the repair of your appliance.

How much will my washer repair cost?

Pricing for appliance repair is based on a case by case basis. We will determine the price through time spent and parts needed. However, we will provide you with the best service at the fairest prices as well as give you a free service fee with all repairs.